Natural Beauty     $99

Bridal Trial           $129

Bridal Beauty        $149

Makeup Lesson    $179  (1 Hour)


Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so great on the red carpet?

The answer is airbrush makeup. Olive offers Organic Airbrush Makeup – it looks fantastic and lasts for hours with absolutely no risk of caking or streaking.
The feel is natural, the look is flawless in person and it’s beautiful but undetectable in photographs.


Airbrush Makeup Benefits:

1.Your skin will look perfect and fresh throughout the entire event,
regardless of the heat, humidity or how much dancing you do!
2.Creates a flawless complexion.
3.Photographs beautifully.
4.Will not rub or transfer to clothes.
5.Your skin looks naturally gorgeous
6.Sweat, smear & tear resistant.
7.Lightweight feel & look.
8.Water-based & hypoallergenic.
9.Organic, alcohol & oil free.
10. Full color range for a perfect skin tone match.