OLIVE Before & After Small


Before Tan

• Shower, Exfoliate, Shave – come to session with dry, clean skin.
• Remove moisturizer, body lotion, perfume, deodorant, makeup, sunscreen.
• Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing, bathing suit or thong, loose socks or flip-flops to salon.
• Do not wear white or tight clothing, bras, wristbands, leather, nylon, wool, silk, jewelry.
• Avoid waxing, dermabrasion, facials within 24 hours before treatment.
• Have a manicure or pedicure before treatment.

After Tan

• Avoid showering, rain, sweating, and exposure to water for 6 to 8 hours.
• Avoid hot water and anything abrasive on the skin to extend the life of the tan.
• Do not wear white or tight clothing for at least twelve (12) hours.
• To prolong tan, moisturize entire body twice daily starting after the first shower.
• Use a tan extender to increase duration of the airbrush tan.(optional)
• Avoid Jacuzzis, hot tubs, chlorine and hot showers.
• Tanning beds and sunbathing will not alter results, but apply sunscreen.